Senior Cricket at OEs

Saturday 14th June: And so to play.

I rose in the morning and it being summer, Saturday and sunny, was very merry to know I was to share in a very pleasant discourse with a great confluence of gentlemen, viz. Mr. Hill, Mr Mr Walker, Mr. Davis, &c.

We not having a wicket-keeper, did resolve to persist with ‘The Wall’. On many occasions we were all heard to call, “Catch it!” and “Stop it, Sir!” Yet he did conspire to miss a great number of deliveries.

Mr. Rees,  on seeing yet  another dropped catch, did talk basely of  Mr. Taffy and did remark that he was an arch rogue of the worst sort.  Thence, he did suggest that he was to be sent from slip to the long grass, wherein he fallowed my signal and consented to stand no more there.

Thence Mr. Neeler, he going to his mark, as he hath done these many years, did bowl a great spell. Joined in this endeavour by young Master Mavis.

The opposition, having little regard for good form, did field a ‘ringer’ who hath smashed lowly bowlers for many a season, and this pattern was not to be any different today. 250+ was always going to be a tricky task and so it proved it be.

And so to tea, where Mrs. Bolton had prepared pork cheeks and a good porter.

So Mr. Price and Mr. Walker  tarried not with the bat and I going forth to the wicket  (ailed by a sore spine) did declare that I was very fortunate that we had not any longer to witness the various ill-aimed swipes of the grumpy Mr. Bolton.

He and Mr. Hill did prematurely retire themselfs from the role of active batsmen, and were thence disconcerted by this situation, and both hath now vowed to avoid such ignominy in the future, and the associated lowering of their averages.

Mr. Gerrard, Mr. Rooney, &c. did little to raise our spirits.

And so to bed.

Gentleman of the day: Master Davis.

Saturday 17th May: lol!

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dude otm: Matty boy

Saturday 10th May: It was the best of days.

There is little doubt that, all being said, (and I, for one, am cheery indeed to be in the lofty and most privileged of position of having to discharge this august responsibility) what began as a fearful flop, a most inclement of days, was finally done in a delightful and thoroughly merry manner.  

The foreshortened sojourn of Martin Chuzzleplop gladdened few hearts and the demise, to the best of the day, and subsequent hang-dog countenance, of young Smike led all of us, even the most bouyant, to believe, in no uncertain terms, that this was definitely not to be the best of times.

Dodson and Fogg applied themselves manfully and studiously, while Colonel Nicholas Cluppins, well supported by the mildly athletic and muscular form of Freddy Perrysupp, smote some lusty blows, dispatching them to the long grass, with such impudence and nonchalance, the like of which has not been seen since the Horned One was last unleashed.  Early supper, a hearty repast, most welcome to all, was taken and dispositions appeared to have been lifted, notwithstanding the usual disagreeable visog of the old miser.

The opposition began well; indeed it appeared that Scrooge and Peggotty would struggle to make significant headway into the adversaries’ order, until the latter, with much celebratory physicality, conducted a procession of botches. Dear, dear old Anthony Trundle, chilled to the core, bones aching, as cold as the water-logged keel of a bleak and wintry Thames barge, rolled back the aeons with a beautiful performance, removing 4 in 2. Sweet, innocent and lovely Mavis Pouchem and Tiny Dan Tweakit emphasised the promise of youth as the captain wrapped things up.

Congratulation gentlefolk.

Fellow of the Day: Peggotty.


Saturday 3rd May: 4ths' Day of Firsts

Yesterday saw the start of the season proper, with the 4ths travelling to the pleasant Hanley Castle venue under improving, early season skies.  What wasn't a first, it should be noted, was inspirational and ever-youthful skipper Pullan's pathetic attempt to win a toss. Trudging back from a sticky-dog of a track and wafting my arm to indicate, once again, we'd been put in, I could see you all roll your eyes. I hope you noticed the waft - it was a very correct forward defensive shot; need to practise somewhere!

The firsts of the day: 

  • 3 debutants each taking wickets;
  • first senior wicket for Daniel (Sarah) Walker;
  • first Win/Lose game;
  • first time 2 batsmen brought up 50s with 6s,in the same game (Pullan 57 & Price 52);
  • first time, since Walker's vigil, that an opening bat had carried his bat (Bolton 78*);
  • and first run-3 by Bolton (?)
After Price & Bolton had weathered the early difficulties in the damp track, Taffy moved through the gears, clearing the ropes, the nets, the roller, the hedge, 2 rose bushes and row of Spring greens! On the departure of the big Scotsman, Pullan upped the tempo with a run-a-ball 57 and Bolton achieved more fluency as the score passed 200. With the skipper holing out and a brief tumble of wickets due to a tidy 3-for from Peter Wright, hopes of 250+ receded. 231-6 off the 45 was, we expected though, enough to defend.

At drinks, with 5 down (first 3 to Andy 'this one's for you Peggy!' Mitchell) we felt confident we had done enough. The opposition scored more than they should as both teams tried to make sense of how to win a game where the goal posts had move (if that sporting metaphor is not a tad lazy).  Neeler, rolling back the years like a leg-cutting version of Brucie, took 3 more to add to his tally; Sam 'Clint' Eastwood shot out the middle/lower order and then pouched Dan Walker's first victim at mid-off. 

An encouraging start, a 52 run victory and good to be back shaping another group of players into a winning team. 

M.O.T.M. Martin Bolton


At Old Elizabethans we run four teams playing Saturday League Cricket. Our 1st and 2nd XI's play in the Birmingham Premier League, whilst our highly competitive structure allows us to field our 3rd and 4th teams in Division 5 of the Worcestershire County League.

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